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There is a great deal of mahi involved in setting up and maintaining this site. However, it is also important to note that many whanaunga and uri have contributed and continue to contribute to the site. Nga mihi mahana ki a koutou katoa mo enei taonga, mo enei whakaaro!

So far, particular assistance, comment and materials such as whakapapa and photographs have been provided by:

  • Carly Abe
  • June Clewett
  • Hemi Hoskins
  • Rau Hoskins
  • Erena Kara
  • Gray Keyworth
  • Te Awhi Manahi
  • Peter Neville
  • Erimana Taniora, Whanaupani
  • Sonny Tau
  • Dale van Engelen
  • Hank van Engelen
  • Wimutu Te Whiu
  • Lorraine Toki

Other whanaunga will be noted in due course as the work and sub-tasks unfold.